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Woodbine Road, Gosforth


This small building is located at the junction of two back lanes in Gosforth.The client’s brief was to partly infill their triangular courtyard with a small building providing a quiet space for working and reading.


The form of the new building capitalises upon the unusual shape of the site by placing a vaulted roof over a triangular area, creating a diminishing structure that peeks over the re-constructed boundary wall. The roof structure is left open to view internally.

Towards the courtyard one corner is chamfered, creating a more useable internal space and sculpting the external form to avoid a single flat façade feeling overbearing. A glazed gable opens the relationship between the new building, courtyard and main house and allows the new roof structure to be viewed from outside.

Internally a micro-screed floor finish and skirting-free walls allow the eye to be drawn upwards undistracted. Facing the lanes, the material palette relates to the surroundings of red brick, natural slate and cobbles.

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